Friday, October 16, 2015

Malena Mörling: "See High Above"

      You step outside
into the early morning
            in autumn—

And at the exact same instant
      a scrap of paper
floats over—

             High in the blue
blustery library
      of the air—

You look up
             and you see it rushing
and lifting

      even higher
into the transparent layers
             of the sky—

And at once,
      you know
it is a message—

             A message
that there is no message.
      The scrap of paper

is just a scrap of paper!
             It is weightless
and free—

      The world is just
the world—
             And you are exactly

who you are—
      Also floating now
high inside

             the invisible
balloon of
      another moment.

"See High Above" by Malena Mörling. Text as published in Astoria (University of Pittsburgh Press, 2006).

Art credit: Untitled image by unknown photographer.


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